Visiting Costa Rica : Top 10 Reasons, Why?

Visiting Costa Rica : Top 10 Reasons, Why?

Let us step on a hanging bridge for a moment,

as the filtered rays of the sun break through low hanging clouds,

and shine on new green vegetation,

and breathe the new damp air.


Cloud forests:

You’ve heard of rainforests. But have you heard of cloud forests? The Costa Rican cloud forest is a special kind of tropical forest that grows at high altitudes. Costa Rica is the wettest place on earth and as a result everything is SO GREEN! There are 3700 variety of trees in Costa Rica. In the rest of the world, there are only 375 varieties. If you want to see unique plantlife or actually immerse your body in the cloud forest canopy when zip lining, Costa Rica is the place to visit.

Eco conscious:


Costa Rica is an example of how environmentally friendly policies and economic growth can go hand-in-hand. Nearly 30% of the county has been designated as national park or reserve; almost 95% of the nation’s energy comes from local renewable resources; and the government has pledged to become a carbon neutral county by 2021.

Costa Ricans are themselves very eco-friendly. Our cab pulled into a gas station to fill up; and, our driver told us he uses only diesel in his car to prevent pollution.

Happiest county in the world:

According to the 2nd Happy Planet Index released by the New Economics Foundation—a ranking of countries based on their environmental impact and the health and happiness of their citizens—the number-one spot went to Costa Rica. The reason: the government ensures all citizens have access to health, care, and education, and the country actively promotes peace around the world. FYI: the United States’ ranking is 114.


Agouti seen in Selvetura park

Agouti seen in Selvetura park

Costa Rica is the most biologically diverse country on the planet, and it is home to the most interesting critters and animals. Walk through the rain forest trails, and you’ll be able to find an agouti or two, howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys and tons of different type of birds. Did you know that hummingbirds are native only to the Americas? Walking through Costa Rica’s rainforests is being invited to a world of flying jewels. Go on a night hike and you’ll be surprised by how many nocturnal animals you find lurking in the bushes. Have you ever seen a scorpion up close and personal? That’s one reason why you never go out at night without wearing boots!

CR scorpion.jpg

Their Coffee is the best:

A highly rated Costa Rican coffee, typical of the coffee plant (Coffee Arabica) has a great body, often full, and a rich, robust flavor. Costa Rica is the only country in the world where it is actually illegal to produce any type of coffee other than 100% Arabica—the highest quality of coffee beans.

Volcano lovers, unite:

There are more than a dozen volcanoes in Costa Rica, including Arenal which is 5,358 feet high. The Arenal volcano, the ‘sleeping volcano’ located in the northern zone of Costa Rica, was active for many years, providing locals and tourists with electronic red lava shows almost every night. At the eastern foot of the Arenal volcano is the small rural community of La Fortuna, which has become a magnet for volcano watchers from around the world.

Arenal volcano

Arenal volcano

Hot springs galore:
The upside of being located next to a giant volcano? Abundant thermal hot springs! And, there’s no shortage of local resorts that have cashed in on this fact. After a long day of adventure tours, there’s nothing like reconnecting with nature by soaking in a soothing hot spring. Among Arenal’s most famous and popular hot springs are Tabacon, Eco-Termales, and The Springs.

World’s best beaches:

If surfing is what rocks your world, Costa Rica has the most pristine sandy beaches in the world, many of which look like they come straight out of a glossy magazine—the beach is wet, and the sun glistens in shimmering paths everywhere you look. There are beaches that offer snorkeling, beaches that have some of the finest and least crowded surfing conditions in the world, and beaches for green turtle-watching on both the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines of Costa Rica.



Costa Rica is home to the laziest and one of the cutest animals on the planet. Sloths! Sloths are the perfect role models for a more mindful existence. They have lived on the planet for more than 60 million years, outliving faster, more showy animals like the saber-toothed tiger. The secret to their success is their serene slothful nature. Slow and steady is the sloth, that wins the race!


And, friendly people:

Living among sloths, it’s no wonder that the people in Costa Rica (referred to as ‘ticos’) are super-relaxed, friendly and warm. When they meet you, Costa Ricans will say ‘Pura Vida’, which means pure life, but in Costa Rica, it is more than just a saying—it is a way of life. Costa Ricans use this term to say hello, to say good-bye, to say life is awesome, to say life is cool!

CR scorpion.jpg
I wasn't ready to let you go . . .

I wasn't ready to let you go . . .

Even this late it happens . . .

Even this late it happens . . .