The Everyday Writing Process by Anoop Ahuja Judge

Rainy_Blue_Ridge-27527 Thank you to the awesome writer, Tracy Shawn (, who invited me to be part of this Writing Process Blog Tour.  I so appreciate, Tracy, as well as all the other writers I've met at the writing conferences I've attended over the years.

Listed below are the general questions and my specific answers for “My Writing Process Blog Tour.”

Question: What am I working on?

Answer: I'm trying hard to get a second novel on paper.  It's about two star-crossed lovers who met as orphan children in a foster home in India.  They both belong to the untouchable caste and are drawn to each other because of that.  Their fates take them out of India, and they meet again in the United States - she's married and, has a daughter; he's divorced and a Fortune 500 businessman. Will they reunite?

I have to confess though, that I'm spending more time promoting my debut novel The Rummy Club and not enough time writing the second one!

Question:  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Answer: My work falls under "commercial women's fiction" because it deals with women's issues but its different from others of its genre.  As an Indian-American writer, my goal is to discuss the diaspora of Indian people in the context of 21st century America.

Question:  Why do I write what I do?

Answer: I love reading human interest stories.  A "satisfying read "with plots and characters that light up people's minds with joy and take them from wherever they are.  That's what inspires me to write.  Inspiration's not so hard to arrive at when you have a happy compulsion pulling the cart!

Question: How does your writing process work?

Answer: I'm a big fan of the Amherst method of writing, which believes (Amherst Writers & Artists workshop method) that every person is a writer, and every writer deserves a non critical, safe environment in which to experiment, learn and develop craft.  My novel, The Rummy Club came about as a result of my being part of a weekly Amherst group.  Sadly, the group dissolved and I'm still looking for a new home.  I've explored writing classes at Stanford; outdoor retreats and writing on my balcony, with a view of the grey morning clouds on the peak of Mt. Diablo. . .and I'm still struggling with what method works best to enhance the creative flow!

Who is next to blog for June 2nd? Below are some bios on amazing authors with links to their websites:

Dave DiGrazie: Dave DiGrazie’s journey began in a middle class ethnic neighborhood in Buffalo, that had its share of characters.  After cooking (and eating) his way through his high school and college years in his dad’s small restaurants, he became a decorated military officer and then, after several amusing vocational side trips, began to make things up and write them down.  Dave calls Northern Virginia home and lives with three wonderful people – his wife and two children.  He still makes a very mean home-made pizza when he’s not putting his imaginary friends and foes in each other’s way.

Dave is thrilled that a few people here and there still purchase his first two published novels, the deep and wacky afterlife adventure Von Lagerhaus (2011) and the story of a blessed scoundrel See John Play (2012). He’s currently putting together The Seventh Generation (working title), a historical novel that’s set in the American Rust Belt from the late 1960s through today.

David Colin Carr: David Colin Carr is primarily a freelance editor of non-fiction and literary fiction who writes about writing, as well as letting his fingers follow his imagination into whatever realms it leads - scientific principles for children, dying elves (two chapters won honorable mention as Writers Digest short stories), probing (retelling) the stories of others with rich language and embellishment of the deeper meaning. His first collaborative ebook (“Forever and Always” with the actress Kelly Carlson) is on its way into cyberspace at this very moment.

Deborah Fruchey: Deborah Fruchey’s first novel was chosen as a Best Book by the American Bookseller’s Association, and her self help manual for the mentally ill has been called “The best book of its kind.” Her newest venture is a poetry collection, Armadillo, just released by Cyborg Productions (all available at Amazon). or


My adventures on a submarine in Maui, Hawaii

My adventures on a submarine in Maui, Hawaii